Subaru’s 5-year program seeks 24% boost in North American sales

That sold an archive 264, 000 automobiles in the USA last year, aims to boost North American product sales 24 percent in order to 380, 000 units within the next five many years under a new mid-term business plan which targets the United States and China.

Spectre 341 Challenge

All you need to defend myself against the actual death-defying Spectre 341 Problem is really a permit, registration, proof of insurance and Division Of Transportation-legal tires. The actual turning 5. 2-mile road within Virginia City, Nev., named Freeway 341 has 22 hair-raising turns, about FOURTEEN of which may literally destroy you.

Brand new automotive labeling in order to evaluate energy economic climate, emissions along with U. S. typical.

Eye-port label labeling may display exactly how brand new vehicles' energy economic climate as well as emissions amounts match up against the actual OUGH. UTES. navy typical beginning within the 2013 design 12 months, the actual Federal government stated Thursday.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante

Lambo revealed its third 2010 new model an unique occasion quite than to the sweaty, heathen masses across town on the LA motor present flooring; a model which partners the Superleggera coupe unveiled earlier this year.

2011 Kia Forte Koupe

The Kia Forte Koupe is - as its name implies - a coupe model of the Forte (badged a Cerato in other world markets) four-door sedan. It's the first ever Coupe constructed by the Korean company and a transparent sign that it intends to very quickly change the picture of Kia.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could strengthen Dezir Concept Renault

It is very likely that Renault's concept car midengine Dezir put into production, "said one senior insider of the company.

The Dezir at Motor Show 2010 Paris last fall revealed, was built exclusively for a new design direction at Renault after installing Laurens van den Acker new design chief signal.

The extracts Dezir the new face of Renault, and said also to define the appearance of the next generation Clio supemini, Despi the silhouettes of these cars are very different.

However, winning the great coverage Dezir himself invited Renault to seriously consider being built. No final decision has been taken, but a business case is being built as part of a strategy to capitalize on the success of Renault in the brand, which currently offers high-performance versions of the highly respected Twingo Clio and Megane sedan.

Brand Manager Renault Beatrice Foucher considers that the sub-brand is strong enough for "two or three unique models for complete selection of hot hatches that could be possible, the showroom linked Dezir first.

When it comes to production, which seem most likely Dezir a convertible instead of the concept car roof closed, which is probably a version of the engine 197 hp 2.0-liter Clio Renault Sport, with resulted in six - speed manual.

Details of the basic construction of the cars are not yet confirmed, but this concept was built around a tubular space frame steel clad with Kevlar on the outside, with a total weight of 1830 pounds of product when equipped with a drive of electric batteries.

There is no word on price, although the same, a top insider said, "it will not be cheap," spoke with a value of approximately $ 48,000.

Production will probably Dezir Renault factory in Dieppe in northern France, where the company last year in two places, the 1995 Renault Sport Spider, was also constructed to be assembled.

An electric version of the Dezir is a remote possibility - Fulcher said: "This is my dream can we sell EV sports car" - but it does not seem to be in the immediate plans of Renault, but the parent company Renault has launched a major initiative eV, from the introduction of no fewer than four models electric battery.

Porsche 911 buyers flock of rare location for 24 months

Porsche drives 24-month rent for his 911 and runs a lease for six months in advance creates an incentive for all of his sports car for a lack of compensating seats are used.

This year, 22 percent of all tenants of the 911 24-month contracts, rather than accepted the offers of 36 months, said Michael Bartsch, Managing Director of Porsche Cars North America. Compared to 10 percent before the increase.

Twenty-four months leases are rare. JD Power and Associates analyst Thomas King said, they made only 5 percent of the leases industry-wide in February.

Porsche tried to tackle a shortage of low-mileage cars struggle to come from leasing by its U.S. sales fell from 34 693 in 2007 to 25,320 years past.

To cut 24-month lease, Porsche 911, the monthly payment of around 10 percent to $ 1,263. This makes it competitive with the $ 1,118 payment on a lease of 36 months. Bartsch said Porsche may reduce the payments due to the improved residual values ​​and interest rates reduced.

"With demand for cars to rise and interest in the new 911 GT3 models and GTS was higher, the environment is right to bring people from leasing 36 months earlier and on shorter leases for comparable cost," said Bartsch.

Porsche said it focuses on the 911, because the owners are more likely for the 911 new derivatives trading, that the owners of Cayenne or cheap Boxster or Cayman.

911 Carrera Coupe starts at $ 78,750, while the range topping GT2 RS-911 priced at $ 245,950. All prices include shipping.

Porsche 841 911 during the first two months of 2011, sold less than the same period of 2010. Overall, sales rose by 33 percent for the first two months of this year 4419th


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