Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could strengthen Dezir Concept Renault

It is very likely that Renault's concept car midengine Dezir put into production, "said one senior insider of the company.

The Dezir at Motor Show 2010 Paris last fall revealed, was built exclusively for a new design direction at Renault after installing Laurens van den Acker new design chief signal.

The extracts Dezir the new face of Renault, and said also to define the appearance of the next generation Clio supemini, Despi the silhouettes of these cars are very different.

However, winning the great coverage Dezir himself invited Renault to seriously consider being built. No final decision has been taken, but a business case is being built as part of a strategy to capitalize on the success of Renault in the brand, which currently offers high-performance versions of the highly respected Twingo Clio and Megane sedan.

Brand Manager Renault Beatrice Foucher considers that the sub-brand is strong enough for "two or three unique models for complete selection of hot hatches that could be possible, the showroom linked Dezir first.

When it comes to production, which seem most likely Dezir a convertible instead of the concept car roof closed, which is probably a version of the engine 197 hp 2.0-liter Clio Renault Sport, with resulted in six - speed manual.

Details of the basic construction of the cars are not yet confirmed, but this concept was built around a tubular space frame steel clad with Kevlar on the outside, with a total weight of 1830 pounds of product when equipped with a drive of electric batteries.

There is no word on price, although the same, a top insider said, "it will not be cheap," spoke with a value of approximately $ 48,000.

Production will probably Dezir Renault factory in Dieppe in northern France, where the company last year in two places, the 1995 Renault Sport Spider, was also constructed to be assembled.

An electric version of the Dezir is a remote possibility - Fulcher said: "This is my dream can we sell EV sports car" - but it does not seem to be in the immediate plans of Renault, but the parent company Renault has launched a major initiative eV, from the introduction of no fewer than four models electric battery.


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