Subaru’s 5-year program seeks 24% boost in North American sales

That sold an archive 264, 000 automobiles in the USA last year, aims to boost North American product sales 24 percent in order to 380, 000 units within the next five many years under a new mid-term business plan which targets the United States and China.

Spectre 341 Challenge

All you need to defend myself against the actual death-defying Spectre 341 Problem is really a permit, registration, proof of insurance and Division Of Transportation-legal tires. The actual turning 5. 2-mile road within Virginia City, Nev., named Freeway 341 has 22 hair-raising turns, about FOURTEEN of which may literally destroy you.

Brand new automotive labeling in order to evaluate energy economic climate, emissions along with U. S. typical.

Eye-port label labeling may display exactly how brand new vehicles' energy economic climate as well as emissions amounts match up against the actual OUGH. UTES. navy typical beginning within the 2013 design 12 months, the actual Federal government stated Thursday.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante

Lambo revealed its third 2010 new model an unique occasion quite than to the sweaty, heathen masses across town on the LA motor present flooring; a model which partners the Superleggera coupe unveiled earlier this year.

2011 Kia Forte Koupe

The Kia Forte Koupe is - as its name implies - a coupe model of the Forte (badged a Cerato in other world markets) four-door sedan. It's the first ever Coupe constructed by the Korean company and a transparent sign that it intends to very quickly change the picture of Kia.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lexus IS 250C Limited Edition

Just over time for the summer time, a new Lexus IS 250C Limited Edition may be announced. Limited to simply 50 examples, the coupe-convertible will function black and red-colored semi-aniline fine leather inside.

Every Lexus IS 250C Limited Edition may have a discreet numbered badge denoting it's unique status, set inside the glovebox.

The Limited Edition depends on the regular Lexus IS250C SE-L model, and comes with 18 in . metal tires, eight-way electrically adjustable front seats along with built-in air flow and heating system, luxury cruise control, electric one-touch comfortable access towards the back chairs, environment manage which instantly changes heat settings once the roof is actually lower and cruise manage. The actual Restricted Edition available now, with a price of £39, 990 on the road.

Also obtainable in time for the summer is really a breathtaking cup roof choice for that Lexus RX 450h SE-I, obtainable as a build-to-order choice for £900. Effortlessly integrated into the design of the hybrid crossover, the actual set roof enables gentle in order to ton to the log cabin.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Subaru’s 5-year program seeks 24% boost in North American sales

That sold an archive 264, 000 automobiles in the USA last year, aims to boost North American product sales 24 percent in order to 380, 000 units within the next five many years under a new mid-term business plan which targets the United States and China.

The actual brand sees product sales increasing 37 percent in order to 900, 000 units internationally by the financial year closing March 31, 2016, from 657, 000 units in the financial year that finished March 31, 2011, mother or father company Fuji Heavy Sectors Ltd. said today while launching its “Motion-V” mid-term plan.

The actual five-year programs requires Subaru to improve the actual fuel efficiency of it's lineup through 30 % since it presents 4 new automobiles, such as its very first gasoline-electric crossbreed within 2013.

New versions, price cuts

Among the brand new models, planned to arrive next year, will be the rear-wheel-drive sporty Automotive developed collectively with Toyota.

The Subaru program focuses on the 20 percent reduction in costs whenever developing new cars.

An additional goal: becoming “the world’s leading brand in safety performance” by pioneering risk-avoidance technologies, crash safety systems and pre-crash security functions.

Subaru wants global sales in order to a lot more than double, to at least one million vehicles in the next 10 years. In addition to growing United states product sales 24% in the next 5 many years, Subaru aims almost to triple company in China, the actual world’s biggest automotive market, to 180, 000 units, in that time.

The ambitious strategy came as Fuji Heavy warned which its operating profit would drop 64%, in order to $374. 9 million, in the current financial year closing March 31, 2012, on the 3. 6% decrease within global automotive sales, in order to 633, 000 units.

Revenue development

Net gain sometimes appears slipping 30 percent, to $437. 4 million.

Such as numerous Japanese carmakers, Fuji Large is actually bracing with regard to falling earnings this year due to the March 11 earthquake in Japan which hammered the supply chain and interrupted production.

Nevertheless, included in its five-year strategy, Subaru is targeting an expansion in operating profits of $1. 50 billion, with an working revenue border of 6 percent.

In that time period, Fuji Heavy stated this programs to invest $3. 12 billion) on r&d and commit $4. 12 billion within capital improvements. To increase product sales within fast developing marketplaces, Fuji Heavy stated it will start production within China and start kit set up of it's vehicles within Malaysia to split to the ASEAN free of charge industry zone

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spectre 341 Challenge

All you need to defend myself against the actual death-defying Spectre 341 Problem is really a permit, registration, proof of insurance and Division Of Transportation-legal tires. The actual turning 5. 2-mile road within Virginia City, Nev., named Freeway 341 has 22 hair-raising turns, about FOURTEEN of which may literally destroy you.

“This place forces the actual intangibles to the surface, ” event creator and Spectre Performance owner Amir Rosenbaum says.

The challenge takes intangibles for example nerves, eyesight and veins having a healthy quantity of ice water pumped within. This occasion isn't with regard to amateurs and not for that faint of heart.

The event started since the Virginia Town Slope Ascend in 1972. At that time, the president from the Ferrari Owner's Membership, Hans Tanner, wanted to bring much more European-style climbs towards the States. Freeway 341 in Virginia Town ended up being an ideal venue.

The climb was run that way until the early 1990s, when two things happened. One, the cars owned by the Ferrari Owner Club jumped from being worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. At the same time, the Ferrari Club of America opened a West Coast chapter and started its own hill climb. It formed a cooperative with the Northern California Shelby Club, and their climb still runs in September.

It was during those early years that Rosenbaum set the world record of three minutes, 10 seconds in a lightly tuned Ferrari F40. The original June event was discontinued in 2002.

Fast-forward to 2010: Rosenbaum and his performance company are looking for publicity and decide to bring the hill climb back under its new name, the Spectre 341 Challenge. All are invited but few attend. Last year's event had 18 drivers, but only six hit the target time. The event was also struck with tragedy when Las Vegas race-car driver Alexander Djordjevic was killed when his Porsche 911 Turbo went off the edge on day one of the event.

The fastest time of the weekend went to Gigliotti, at three minutes, 14 seconds. Following him was Duck Fuson with his 1974 Porsche 911 at three minutes, 15 seconds, and Jeff Rosen in a 2009 GT3 RS at three minutes, 22 seconds. Rosenbaum's best time is still safe, for now.

All in all, 13 drivers beat the target time, eight of which are new entries into the 341 Club. Five bested previous times to retain the distinction. Almost one-third of the field gained entrance into the club and the average times were faster than 2010 any way you measure it.

The Spectre 341 Challenge is unlike any other race. There's no way to practice (legally), and there's no telling what the course might be like in a few hours, a few days or a few years. It wasn't built to hold a race car, which is why incidents are far too likely.

Spectre Performance does its best to keep everyone safe, and for that it should be commended. From running around for loaner helmets and checking tires and belts to debriefing participants after a run or two, the event couldn't be much safer, considering the circumstances. But any amateur who wants to take on the hill should do so with preparation, concentration and a healthy dose of respect for the asphalt ribbon that is Highway 341.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brand new automotive labeling in order to evaluate energy economic climate, emissions along with U. S. typical.

Eye-port label labeling may display exactly how brand new vehicles' energy economic climate as well as emissions amounts match up against the actual OUGH. UTES. navy typical beginning within the 2013 design 12 months, the actual Federal government stated Thursday.

The brand new government guidelines execute the 2007 regulation that needs labeling to place brand new automobiles within fleetwide framework with regard to energy economic climate, green house gas as well as smog-forming contaminants.

The EPA and the U. S. Transport Division guidelines don't provide automobiles the notice quality through A+ in order to DEB with regard to energy economic climate as well as green house gas, because suggested final Aug.

Automaker as well as seller organizations compared the actual notice levels, whilst environment promoters backed all of them.

The brand new labeling may estimation just how much customers helps you to save or even invest in energy within the following 5 many years in contrast to the typical brand new automobile, amongst additional info.

“These labeling will give you customers along with in advance details about the vehicle's energy expenses as well as cost savings to enable them to help to make knowledgeable choices whenever investing in a brand new automotive, ” Transport Assistant Beam LaHood stated inside a declaration.

Present labeling possess believed energy economic climate with no air pollution rankings. Evaluations are also limited by the actual course associated with automotive as opposed to the whole U. S. navy. A good SUV, for instance, is actually in contrast to additional SUVs.

The brand new evaluations should include electrical cars, plug-in hybrids as well as traditional fuel as well as diesel-powered cars.

PRESS RELEASE: EPA, DOT Unveil the Next Generation of Fuel Economy Labels

Brand new info underscores elevated effectiveness, energy cost savings accomplished using the Obama Administration's historical nationwide automotive guideline

WASHINGTON – The U. S. Department of Transportation and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency today are unveiling new fuel economy labels that will help consumers take advantage of the increased efficiency standards achieved under the Obama Administration that will save families money at the pump starting this year. The new labels, which are the most dramatic overhaul to fuel economy labels since the program began more than 30 years ago, will provide more comprehensive fuel efficiency information, including estimated annual fuel costs, savings, because suggested final Aug well because suggested final Aug information on each vehicle's environmental impact. The new labels underscore the benefits of the historic, bipartisan passenger car and truck fuel economy rule adopted under this administration by the EPA and DOT in 2010.

These improvements will give consumers better, more complete information to consider when purchasing new vehicles that are covered by the increased fuel economy standards. Starting with model year 2013, the improved fuel economy labels will be required to be affixed to all new passenger cars and trucks – both conventional gasoline powered and "next generation" cars, such because suggested final Aug plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

Upon taking office, President Obama directed DOT and EPA to prioritize the development of new fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards, resulting in the historic standards that will be represented by these new labels. This is the latest step in EPA's and DOT's joint efforts to improve the fuel economy and environmental performance of vehicles and to provide consumers with useful information to inform their purchasing decisions.

The 2010 fuel economy rule, developed with input from major automakers, environmental groups, and the states, will dramatically increase the energy efficiency of cars and trucks built in model years 2012 through 2016, saving 1. 8 billion barrels of oil over the life of the program and the average consumer $3, 000 in fuel costs.

In July, the administration plans to finalize the first-ever national fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards for commercial trucks, vans and buses built in 2014 to 2018. These standards are expected to save hundreds of millions of barrels of oil over the life of these vehicles and promote the development and deployment of alternative fuels, including natural gas. The administration is also developing the next generation of joint fuel economy/greenhouse gas emission standards for model year 2017-2025 passenger vehicles and expects to announce the proposal in September 2011.

The new labels announced today will help consumers take advantage of the new, more energy efficient fleet, allowing them to save money at the pump. Consumers will see the new labels in showrooms early next year, when 2013 models begin arriving. Automakers may also voluntarily adopt the new labels earlier for model year 2012 vehicles.

"President Obama's work to shape a Clean Cars program is fostering a marketplace of cutting-edge American vehicles that are more fuel efficient than ever before. The EPA and DOT are creating a new generation of fuel economy labels to meet the needs of a new generation of innovative cars, " said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "Today's car buyers want the best possible information about which cars on the lot offer the greatest fuel economy and the best environmental performance. The new labels provide comprehensive information to American car buyers, helping them make a choice that will save money at the gas pump and prevent pollution in the air we breathe. "

"Our new fuel economy and environmental labels are a win for automobile consumers and for the nation's energy independence, " said U. S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "These labels will provide consumers with up front information about a vehicle's fuel costs and savings so that they can make informed decisions when purchasing a new car. "

Broadcast quality video and audio of Administrator Jackson discussing today's fuel economy label announcement is available for download "fuel economy label"

The new labels will for the first time provide:

• New ways to compare energy use and cost between new-technology cars that use electricity and conventional cars that are gasoline-powered.

• Useful estimates on how much consumers will save or spend on fuel over the next five years compared to the average new vehicle.

• Easy-to-read ratings of how a model compares to all others for smog emissions and emissions of pollution that contribute to climate change.

• An estimate of how much fuel or electricity it takes to drive 100 miles.

• Information on the driving range and charging time of an electric vehicle.

• A QR Code that will allow users of smartphones to access online information about how various models compare on fuel economy and other environmental and energy factors. This tool will also allow consumers to enter information about their typical commutes and driving behavior in order to get a more precise estimate of fuel costs and savings.

The new labels are required by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Consumers can get more information about the new label at:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante.

Lambo revealed its third 2010 new model an unique occasion quite than to the sweaty, heathen masses across town on the LA motor present flooring; a model which partners the Superleggera coupe unveiled earlier this year.

Lambo shaved 65kg from the standard Gallardo Spyder by using aluminium panels together with carbon fibre covers, rear spoiler, underbody panelling, diffuser and sills, to get a 1,485kg kerb weight. It is Superleggera coupe bro weighs in at 1,340kg.

Fortunately, you don't get a slim-quick engine. The Performante comes with the 570bhp 5.2-litre Lambo V10. zero-62mph is just half a second shy of the coupe - 3.9s - and 1mph slower, topping out at 201mph.

Apparently, Lambo reckons every spin within the Spyder is a journey 'into the attention of the storm'. We'll allow you to decide on that...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Kia Forte Koupe

The Kia Forte Koupe is - as its name implies - a coupe model of the Forte (badged a Cerato in other world markets) four-door sedan. It's the first ever Coupe constructed by the Korean company and a transparent sign that it intends to very quickly change the picture of Kia. As the Koupe makes use of an solely barely modified Forte sedan drivetrain with an identical chassis, Kia will not go as far as to define the Koupe as a efficiency car. Instead it's intended to be a sportier trying different to the extra conservative sedan
Distinctive Body Panels for Kia Koupe

An indication of just how totally different the styling of the Koupe is to the sedan, only the hood is shared between the two models.

The Koupe is 60mm (2.3in) lower (from a 50mm (2in) lowered roofline and 10mm (0.3in) lowered suspension) and is 50mm (2in) shorter and 10mm (0.3in) narrower than the Forte sedan, whereas retaining the identical 2650mm (104in) wheelbase.

The car tested right here is the high specification SX guide, which incorporates leather upholstery, full iPod integration equipment, fog lights, distant door locking, steering wheel-mounted audio, cruise management functions, and tilt and reach adjustable steering wheel.

The SX additionally comes with an influence sunroof, reverse warning sensors and automated climate control.
Specifically Tuned Engine Note for Kia Koupe

The 115kW (154hp) 2.0-liter four cylinder engine - as used in the Forte sedan - is tuned to deliver a a lot throatier tone, a twin exhaust system specially tuned by engineers, although it nonetheless does not sound very ‘sporty’.

Different adjustments particular to the Koupe embody an improved digital throttle control, and a more delicate accelerator pedal sensor, all intended to increase the response from the engine.

Uprated Suspension for Kia Koupe

Suspension adjustments include uprated dampers, increased castor angle for larger self-centring steering and a sharper steering 'feel' in town driving. A thicker front stabiliser bar helps enhance cornering stability and delivers further grip. The steering wheel also has a faster flip ratio.

While the handling is certainly improved the trip quality is too firm. The uprated dampers have far an excessive amount of bump and not sufficient rebound, so that the suspension extends too quickly when travelling over a big bump and the wheel thumps onerous into the tarmac.

On smooth tarmac the automobile is significantly better to drive, and on easy city roads the automotive handles effectively, but the energy steering is imprecise and over-delicate at low speeds.

The general driving expertise is certainly one of a car that has been styled to look sporty, with hardware that nearly delivers an enhanced driving experience. Kia is right to be classifying the Koupe as a sporty, fairly than sports activities car.

Then again, with a low entry degree worth and no actual competitor available in the market the style of the car would be the deciding issue for many consumers, who won't be involved with performance.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Daihatsu Charade g102_Manual

Download Daihatsu Charade g102 Manual

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lotus Cars USA Introduced the Arrival of the Evora S

Lotus Vehicles USA just introduced the arrival status of the primary Evora S to the U.S. The first batch of the Evora S is being set to ship from the U.K. port, and can arrive on the New York port in just a few weeks.

These automobiles are set to make its debut at the New York Auto Show on April 21 together with the 276-hp Evora IPS , which is supplied with an automatic handbook six-speed and shift paddles.

Lotus may even make out there of elective tools such because the Sport Pack dynamics calibration button and sport-ratio six-pace guide on the bottom Evora.

Both base versions of  Lotus Evora S with 2+zero and a couple of+2 seating preparations may have a starting price of  $sixty four,000 carrying a 276-horsepower engine. Whereas the absolutely loaded version will set at about $seventy five,000, which is provided with a a lot highly effective engine making 346-horsepower.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old Dodge Pickup Trucks : 1960 Dodge D-100 - Classic Cruisers

I like it when of us think outdoors of the box, and Chad Price of Pilot Grove, Missouri, definitely qualifies along with his superior '60 Dodge D-100.

Chad's "Rambunctious" D-100 was a ground-up project that is a perfect instance of what may be achieved with a fantastic imagination, a whole lot of ability, and a bunch of good old style elbow grease. Chad started with a nicely-worn outdated workhorse, which he stripped down fully and rebuilt element by component. The unique body was modified to just accept a Mustang II-style IFS setup and a 4-bar coilover rear suspension assembly. He additionally added four-wheel disc brakes, an influence rack-and-pinion assembly, and a Summit Racing aluminum gas tank. Powering the D-100 is a muscular 380hp, 360-cube Mopar crate engine backed by a TCI-prepped 727 trans. The pickup rolls on a quartet of Centerline Corona wheels, 16s and 17s, wrapped in Fusion 205/55R and 255/50R17. When it came time to handle the physique Chad spared no effort. The body was massaged again into pristine shape and then treated to an entire shave, front and rear rolled pans, a smoothed firewall and tailgate, a crammed cowl, and an influence bedcover. Chad additionally eliminated the cab driprails earlier than coating the Dodge in a custom-mixed paint coloration he likes to name Rambunctious Blue.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kia Spectra Recalled As a result of Gas Tank Might Fall Off

WASHINGTON - Kia is recalling fifty eight,322 2004-'07 Spectras, primarily in Midwestern and northeastern states, as a result of corrosion from highway salt could cause the gasoline tank to fall off the automobile, in line with the National Highway Visitors Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA stated extended publicity to highway salt may trigger corrosion of the straps that hold the tank.

"Because of the corrosion, one or both straps could separate, allowing the gasoline tank to contact the ground and probably disrupt the integrity of the tank," the agency said. As a consequence, the agency stated, "the fuel tank can fall from the vehicle and strike the ground, which may cause a fuel leak," creating a fire hazard.

Kia dealers will change the gas-tank straps and attaching hardware with new zinc-coated parts. The recall is expected to start in June. Owners can contact Kia at (800) 333-4542.

Verify Code : B2CM37XMBEWP

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ford To Begin European Exports From Russia

MOSCOW - A brand new $2.7-billion joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Russian automaker Sollers, established in February, will export automobiles to Western Europe when it begins operation in early 2012, in keeping with a spokesperson within the Russian government.

The brand new enterprise will produce six fashions, including passenger and light business vehicles, and will also embody stamping, engine assembly and R&D activities.

Vadim Shvetsov, principal owner of Sollers, which owns a 60-% stake in the new company, called Ford Sollers, said that car exports from Russia would enable the venture "to combine into the global automotive industry."

The potential for European distribution was a important factor for Sollers, which bypassed its original associate Fiat in favor of Ford.

Ford at present operates an assembly plant in Vsevolozhsk, Russia (just outside St. Petersburg), and Sollers has services in Naberezhnye Chelny and Yelabuga. The partners additionally plan to construct an engine plant in Tatarstan by 2014, with the capability to produce about 200,000 engines a 12 months, each for the Russian market and for export to Ford factories in Western Europe.

Whole price of the mission is estimated at $2.7 billion, of which $1.2 billion is expected to be offered by the Russian Financial institution for Development and Overseas Economic Affairs. Another $500 million is anticipated to be allotted by the partners, whereas the remaining $1 billion will likely be drawn from the future income of the company.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

2013 Chevrolet Malibu To Launch in Korea, China Earlier than U.S.

SEOUL, South Korea - General Motors mentioned the redesigned 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, which was concurrently unveiled last week at the New York and Shanghai auto reveals, can be constructed and offered first in Korea, then in China, before it reaches U.S. clients early next year.

GM Daewoo will start building the Malibu this fall at the Bupyeong plant in Korea. On the end of the yr, the Malibu will go into production in Jingjiao, China. Lastly, in early 2012, it will be launched in the U.S. on the Hamtramck plant in Michigan and the Fairfax plant in Kansas.

GM mentioned the new Malibu, which relies on the automaker's international Epsilon midsize platform, ultimately will probably be bought in nearly one hundred markets on six continents.

2013 Ford Fusion prototype spied on the road

The Ford Fusion sedan shouldn't be that distant from shifting to a worldwide platform that will even spawn a new Mondeo for European markets. Now prototypes of the new 2013 Ford Fusion have been captured running round on public streets.

Regardless of the camouflage, it's easy to see that the 2013 Fusion is getting some vital changes. Those adjustments embrace new styling for the headlights, grille and taillights. Note the new character line that runs between the bottom of the prototype's greenhouse and simply above the door handles. It also angles upward towards the rear of the car.

The tarp on the prototype's roof makes us suppose that there's an extra-large sunroof, or possibly something unique resembling some photo voltaic cells, hidden underneath.

It must be no shock that the 2013 Ford Fusion uses an EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. And the platform switch makes it possible that the new Fusion, and its Lincoln MKZ cousin, could be a few inches smaller than the present models.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

2012 Fiat 500c convertible pricing

Simply In Time for Spring, New Fiat 500 Cabrio Introduces American Prospects to Open-air Driving Excitement with True Italian Type 

FIAT Brand North America reveals new 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio at the New York International Auto Present

Italian by design: beautiful craftsmanship, assured handling and city-pleasant proportions mixed with a clever open-top design offers Fiat 500c passengers with quietest interior sound high quality, most interior space, rear-seat legroom and shoulder room amongst key opponents

New 1.four-liter engine with state-of-the-art MultiAir® expertise, invented and patented by Fiat Group, delivers energy, gasoline effectivity and refinement

Two models, 14 exterior colours, 12 unique seat coloration and materials mixtures, plus a alternative of two interior environments and three exterior mushy-top colours allow customers to personalize "their own" Fiat 500c at

The brand new 2012 Fiat 500c arrives in U.S. FIAT Studios beginning in late spring 2011 with a beginning U.S. Manufacturer's Advised Retail Value (MSRP) of $19,500

The Fiat 500c Pop mannequin is the only 4-seat cabrio available in the market priced below $20,000

April 21, 2011 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Expanding on the enduring qualities that have made the unique Fiat 500 (Cinquecento) a timeless icon, the new 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio combines open-air freedom and driving enjoyment with lovely Italian styling, timeless functionality, environment friendly design and progressive know-how for an entirely new technology of drivers.

"Completely timed with the nice and cozy weather and pleasure of spring, the brand new 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio expands our product lineup while paying homage to the brand's rich heritage of open-air cabrios that ship type, value and driving enjoyment," stated Laura Soave, Head of FIAT Model North America. "The brand new Fiat 500c has been intelligently tailored for our market - now with an added dose of sunshine and panoramic views at the push of a button."

Greater than 50 years of FIAT model's profitable small-automotive system

The Nuova Cinquecento debuted in the summertime of 1957 as a cabrio and provided a distinctive canvas roof that opened proper to the rear of the vehicle. Greater than 50 years later, the brand new 2012 Fiat 500c showcases the model's ingenuity to build world-class small automobiles that ignite a spirit of the instances by easy design, beautiful craftsmanship and timeless value. As a result, the Fiat 500 fashions have continued to shock and delight clients worldwide.

The brand new Fiat 500c builds on the Italian styling, all-season performance, fuel-environment friendly powertrain choices, inside consolation for 4 passengers and more than 35 safety and security features that have made the Fiat 500 hatchback model a global success.

Cleverly designed with a multi-place power-retractable cloth prime, fully stamped body-facet silhouette and 70 p.c much less header shake then key opponents - the brand new Fiat 500c delivers leading inside sound quality (quietest at forty five mph, 70 mph and lowest powertrain noise). In addition, its longer windshield and minimized header design maximize rear-seated passengers' outward visibility, whereas minimizing cabin turbulence. And for simple entry to the cabrio's trunk, premium "parallelogram" liftgate hinges conveniently position the liftgate out of the way in which, whereas the power-operated cloth top concurrently retracts.

Metro-pleasant proportions, now with an excellent better panoramic view

The new 2012 Fiat 500c combines city-friendly proportions, iconic Cinquecento cues and a totally energy-operated cloth top - all wrapped in modern Italian styling that conveys simplicity and joy.

On the front, the brand new Fiat 500c model's signature "whiskers and logo" face features round projector headlamps and decrease park lamps that resemble the newest Fiat fashions while paying homage to the distinctive components of the unique Cinquecento in stylistic harmony. To indicate its road-holding stance, the cabrio's front fascia options chromed trim and tapers outward toward its large wheel arches, while a horizontal cooling duct provides design character and additional engine cooling.

Differentiating the Fiat 500c from the hatchback model is a barely longer windshield that is designed to provide passengers with a maximized outward view. In addition, the windshield elegantly conceals the reinforced upper-cross member that ensures the cabrio's inflexible physique structure throughout spirited driving.

From the side, the Fiat 500c's pillars stand out and present robust arches, while the form of the smooth top supplies a extra slender silhouette in contrast with the hatchback version. Beneath, the black or out there chromed belt molding, the signature physique-facet A-line slopes forward for a dynamic look, while its lateral section features clear surfaces and flared wheel arches to ship a modern interpretation of the historic Cinquecento. To keep its design simple and fashionable, the hood-to-fender seam is elegantly minimize at the A-line. Filling the wheel wells are 4 distinctive wheel designs, all with the "500" emblem on the center caps. For extra design character, bi-halogen projector headlamps and clear-lens taillamps are seen from the facet profile thanks to the way in which the cabrio's rounded sides hyperlink as much as the front and rear. Providing enhanced sturdiness, new decrease-sill spats shield the body-facet from stone chips.

At the rear of the new Fiat 500c, a roof-mounted and color-matched spoiler improves aerodynamics, while elegantly integrating the center excessive-mounted stop lamp that cleverly functions with the roof up or down. Separating the premium material prime from the liftgate is a chrome trim accent that additionally highlights the cabrio's width. To maintain the rear design clear, the lighting features are divided vertically following the liftgate's cutline. Finishing off the iconic styling of the Fiat 500c is a chromed license plate forehead, a motif from the original Cinquecento that was inspired by a bicycle saddle.

Intelligent power-fabric prime stylistically reinterprets the previous

As a contemporary resolution to the famous canvas roof on the unique Cinquecento, the new 2012 Fiat 500c features a premium twin-layer power-operated cloth prime that's designed to deliver all-season driving pleasure with the top up or down. Instantly impressed from the historic Cinquecento, the Fiat 500c contains a huge glass backlight to retain the same visibility as the hatchback, while its rounded corners are a direct inspiration from the historic model.

With simply the push of a button, the Fiat 500c's power-operated fabric top retracts up to the rear spoiler throughout speeds as much as 60 mph (a halfway point will be chosen by urgent the button anytime between). Press the roof button again, and the roof will neatly fold all the way in which open and tuck neatly behind the rear head restraints (up to 50 mph).

The power-cloth prime can be intelligent. When the liftgate is opened for trunk access, the facility-operated material top routinely retracts back to the rear-spoiler position to avoid any obstruction.

Fashionable elegance inspired by timeless design options

Even with the top up, the inside of the new 2012 Fiat 500c is airy and roomy, and an atmosphere designed to be comfy and pleasing for any destination.

The interior design theme of the new Fiat 500c is an artistic blend of clean lines and conveniently located features inspired by the historic model. Via the accessible leather-based-wrapped steering wheel, the cabrio's single concentric instrument cluster options the speedometer, tachometer and journey computer in a distinct and effective manner. Integrating the most recent in moveable automobile navigation for improved route steerage, the instrument cluster features a central LCD monitor that shows pictograms from the TomTom® navigation with BLUE&ME™ Handsfree Communication. These elements, along with a highly integrated middle stack and a uniquely designed radio and local weather management system, might be ordered in Ivory or Black for an extra degree of personalization while also influencing the interior theme to be extra sporty or vintage.

The instrument panel of the new Fiat 500c continues the right mix of recent simplicity with iconic Italian styling. The upper instrument panel is designed to convey a sense of refinement and class and features shade-matched exterior accents for added detail. Often used automobile buttons are highlighted with chromed circular rings and are centrally positioned on the exterior-matched instrument panel trim for a premium appearance. The decrease instrument panel and middle console highlight the new cabrio's space utilization with giant- and small-sized storage spaces to maintain cell gadgets at a handy reach.

A new passenger glove box shops helpful items, while concealing the BLUE&ME Handsfree Communication system's USB port for immediate integration of cell devices including an iPod. For an integrated look, the brand new automatic- or guide-transmission shifter and bezel are ergonomically located into the lower instrument panel and feature a mechanically styled shift knob accented in black or leather relying on the model.

The new Fiat 500c's interior features extremely detailed driver and passenger seats available in 12 color and material combos for optimum persona with an added contact of personalization. Inspired by the historic Cinquecento of the Sixties, the new seats provide the identical unique break up-shade effect: monotone material at the backside and the upper seatback, while the head restraint is matched to the Ivory or Black inside environment. On the Fiat 500c Lounge mannequin, uniquely designed fabric seats provide an upscale look and feel, while premium leather-based seats are available in traditional Nero (black), a Marrone (brown) disguise or ultra-sporty Rosso (purple) and ship a classy look.

Persevering with the clean inside design theme, the door panels of the brand new Fiat 500c characteristic a distinction between the higher trim upholstered to match the seats, whereas the encompassing space elegantly incorporates large map pockets and a specially designed area- and weight-saving BOSE® Power Efficient Series premium audio system. Paying homage to the previous, the chromed "hook" door-deal with shape remembers some of the remembered options on the unique mannequin whereas integrating trendy-day energy door locks.

A small cabrio that lives massive

Because of cautious evaluation of the inside cabin, the new 2012 Fiat 500c options probably the most interior space (76.2 cubic toes) amongst key opponents, whereas quite a few built-in storage places quickly and conveniently retailer cell gadgets and journey gear. Even the Fiat 500c's rear seats deliver essentially the most rear-seat legroom and shoulder room amongst key competitors, offering comfort for two adults, while delivering the same excessive-quality consolation and craftsmanship as the driver and front-passenger seats. To focus on the truth that the cabrio is roomy, the rear passengers' raised and bolstered seat backs are similar to the hatchback model, whereas much more headroom is present with the dual-layer roof up.

As well as, the baggage compartment is spacious, accommodating 5.4 cubic ft of drugs with the seats up and a maximum of 23.four cubic ft of gear with the 50/50 break up-fold rear seats folded down. To extra simply load all the gear, designers maximized the liftgate width and saved the trunk lift-over height low.

Fiat 500c embodies a brand new imaginative and prescient of know-how's function within the achievement of sustainable mobility

Tailored for U.S. clients, the brand new 2012 Fiat 500c features an all-new 1.four-liter 16-valve engine with state-of-the-artwork MultiAir® gas-saving and emissions-decreasing technology - the quietest powertrain versus its competitors. Invented and patented by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), MultiAir gives world-class levels of power, finest-in-class 30 mpg metropolis (guide transmission) gas efficiency, high quality and refinement.

Delivering spirited driving and effectively-fitted to the Fiat 500c's light-weight design and city-friendly dimension, the efficient and responsive 1.four-liter MultiAir in-line four-cylinder engine supplies a hundred and one horsepower (seventy five kW) at 6,500 rpm and 98 lb.-ft. (133 N•m) of torque at 4,000 rpm. When paired with the 5-velocity guide transmission, the Fiat 500 delivers as much as 38 highway mpg.

Serving to to attain 10 p.c better gasoline effectivity and energy while lowering CO2 emissions up to 10 % compared to engines with out the system, the new Fiat 500c options the world's first Fully Variable Valve Actuation (FVVA) system on a production engine. Often known as MultiAir, this modern intake-valve system replaces a traditional overhead cam with hydraulic actuation controlled by 4, fast-responding, digital solenoids - delivering instantaneous air-gasoline adjustment at any time in the engine cycle for optimum effectivity and power.

eco:Drive™ Application helps to improve driving efficiency

The brand new 2012 Fiat 500c with state-of-the-art eco:Drive™ Application demonstrates that an automaker's environmental accountability should not cease when the car leaves the production line however slightly prolong into the precise manner clients drive their cars.

Fiat's eco:Drive Utility collects all needed data relating to vehicle effectivity and, by way of the BLUE&ME™ USB port, transmits it on to any USB reminiscence stick. Once the driving force plugs the memory stick into his or her personal laptop, the system presents the motive force with the Fiat 500c's detailed environmental performance, together with the CO2 emission degree for each trip. As well as, FIAT's eco:Drive Utility analyzes the motive force's fashion and provides recommendations on learn how to modify his or her driving fashion to assist cut back fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Originated in Europe, Fiat's eco:Drive Software has inspired drivers to set challenges - CO2 reduction targets for particular journeys or over a set interval of time. And as a part of a global "eco:Ville" group, the system encourages all drivers to come back together and pool their gas and emissions financial savings as an example what number of drivers' particular person contributions assist the better good.

All-new six-pace automatic delivers added efficiency and gas efficiency

The brand new 2012 Fiat 500c presents two dependable, robust and complex transmissions uniquely designed for improved efficiency and driving fun.

An all-new six-speed automated transmission with driver-selectable gear adjustments gives the brand new Fiat 500c with easy shifting and glorious fuel economy. For extra partaking driving, the driver can select the "Sport" mode.

Should the driving force select 'Sport' mode on the instrument panel, the all-new six-speed computerized transmission provides larger driving enjoyment. By means of superior powertrain management, 'Sport' mode enables faster gear adjustments, a singular throttle map for improved engine responsiveness and allows every gear to be held for longer durations close to the redline.

An upgraded 5-velocity manual transmission features new gear ratios for the U.S. market, permitting the brand new Fiat 500c to ship improved fuel efficiency and quicker off-the-line acceleration. For improved sturdiness and pedal really feel, a new self-adjusting hydraulic-clutch system is normal on the handbook-transmission-geared up Fiat 500c.

Two new nicely-outfitted Fiat 500c models

The brand new 2012 Fiat 500c gives two exciting fashions infused with model, know-how and convenience features to make life under the open sky more customized and fun.

Fiat 500c Pop

Designed for the person who desires Italian fashion, effectivity and personalization choices, the brand new 2012 Fiat 500c Pop mannequin features a premium dual-layer energy-fabric prime, handbook transmission, 15-inch metal wheels with chrome-accented wheel covers and all-season tires, seven customary air baggage, air-con, AM/FM/CD/MP3 radio with auxiliary audio enter, chromed exhaust tip, power home windows, power door locks, power heated mirrors, pace control, BLUE&ME Handsfree Communication expertise with USB port, eco:Drive Utility and iPod management functionality, leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls, reconfigurable Digital Vehicle Data Heart (EVIC) with trip computer, miles-to-empty, average gasoline economy and tire-stress monitoring display (TPM).

The Fiat 500c Pop mannequin is the one four-seat cabrio in the market priced beneath $20,000. The U.S. Manufacturer's Prompt Retail Worth (MSRP) of the 2012 Fiat 500c Pop is $19,500 and arrives at FIAT Studios in late-Spring.

Fiat 500c Lounge

Tailored for the person who wants their cabrio to reflect their fashion-oriented way of life, the new 2012 Fiat 500c Lounge model features premium facilities (along with the Fiat 500c Pop options) including the all-new six-pace computerized transmission with driver-selectable gear modifications, entrance- and rear-fascia chromed accents, chromed mirror caps, fog lamps, 15-inch aluminum wheels with all-season tires, premium fabric seats, SIRIUS Satellite tv for pc Radio, computerized local weather control, and BOSE® Energy Environment friendly Series audio system with six premium audio system and subwoofer and safety alarm.

The MSRP of the 2012 Fiat 500c Lounge is $23,500 and arrives at FIAT Studios in late-Spring.

Greater than 500,000 ways to stylize and personalize the new Fiat 500c

With 14 paint colors accessible in metallic, non-metallic and premium tri-coat pearl finishes, and three obtainable material high colors, each new 2012 Fiat 500c will be distinct. As well as, the interior is offered in two interior environments, Nero (Black) or Avorio (Ivory), with 12 unique seat colour and material mixtures for an individualized look.

A full line of authentic Fiat 500c equipment by Mopar® will provide clients much more personalization possibilities at their native FIAT Studio, together with distinctive striping packages, exterior and inside styling accessories and authentic FIAT-styled merchandise.

Clients at the moment are capable of configure their own Fiat 500c on-line at

Greater than 35 safety and safety features

State-of-the-art connectivity mixed with a heritage of top worldwide security scores and more than 35 safety and safety features keep passengers of the new 2012 Fiat 500c connected, snug and secure.

In Europe, the Fiat 500 was the primary A-segment automobile to achieve a five-star Euro NCAP (New Automobile Evaluation Program) grownup occupant safety rating.

The brand new 2012 Fiat 500c options seven commonplace air luggage including: driver and front-passenger superior multi-stage air luggage, driver's knee air bag, full-size aspect-curtain air baggage and normal seat-mounted facet pelvic-thorax air luggage, all to supply enhanced protection to all occupants in the event of a collision. Reactive head restraints, which activate throughout a rear affect, are one other innovation helping to attenuate accidents by lowering the gap between the head restraint and the passenger's head.

Revolutionary TomTom® Navigation with BLUE&ME™ Handsfree Communication technology

Developed as a collaboration between Fiat and Microsoft, BLUE&ME™ Handsfree Communication know-how is an in-automobile, voice-activated communication system that enables the driver to function a Bluetooth®-compatible phone while keeping his or her palms on the wheel and eyes on the road. Utilizing a collection of voice commands, the driving force can place cellphone calls, access the phone's tackle guide or listen to MP3s. BLUE&ME Handsfree Communication technology supports most cellphones with Bluetooth technology.

With the accessible TomTom Navigation with BLUE&ME Handsfree Communication expertise, the system integrates an innovative 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) TomTom hand-held navigation unit that docks on prime of the new 2012 Fiat 500c's instrument panel. With its massive touchscreen display, simple map displays with available actual-time site visitors, weather and more than 7 million points of pursuits, TomTom navigation with BLUE&ME Handsfree Communication know-how is intuitive for the driver to use. And with its direct integration into the Fiat 500c's interior system, the driving force is able to use steering-wheel-mounted controls to make operation even easier.

Spy photograph hints Ford will preserve the Flex

DETROIT -- In case there was any doubt about the way forward for the underperforming Ford Flex, this spy photograph ought to finish speculation that the automaker is preparing to tug the plug.

Regardless of poor gross sales, Ford is making ready a light facelift for what is believed within the photograph to be the 2013 Flex. The exterior styling modifications on the Flex in the photo are limited to a brand new grille, headlights and front fascia. A new tailgate and fascia spotlight modifications at the rear.

A Ford spokesman declined to discuss future product plans.

Flex was launched in the summer of 2008 as an alternative choice to a crossover. It was positioned as a visible indicator of the changes happening at Ford. Flex was launched at a time when the automaker desperately needed a home run, I wrote in 2008.

The Flex's boxy, wagonish exterior design signaled Ford was willing to interrupt away from the me-too crossover styling model and take a risk. The phrase "polarizing" appeared as a styling description in a Ford news release.

Nicely, as a substitute of polarizing, it was a turn off.

Flex's best 12 months was 2009, when 38,717 vehicles had been offered, in response to the Automotive New Information Center. Gross sales declined 12 % in 2010, to 34,227. Sales for the primary quarter of this yr totaled 6,823, a 22 % drop from the same period in 2010.

Ford in all probability would have had better luck if the Flex had been a slightly shorter vehicle equipped with sliding facet doorways - in different phrases, a minivan.

With such dismal sales, there had been speculation that Ford may minimize its presumed loses and discontinue the Flex.

Not so.
As a substitute, the delicate facelift likely will take the Flex to the 2015 mannequin year.

Porsche revenue jumps on greater sales of revamped Cayenne

STUTTGART, Germany (Bloomberg) -- Porsche SE's car-making division reported a first-quarter revenue acquire after a revamp of the Cayenne boosted demand for the game-utility vehicle.

Earnings before interest and tax "more than doubled" to 496 million euros ($728 million), the Stuttgart, Germany-primarily based firm said in a press release right now, without providing a yr-earlier figure.

Gross sales rose 10 % to 2.28 billion euros.

Luxury automobile makers, together with BMW AG and Mercedes-Benz, are anticipating report demand this yr, boosted by growing wealth in China and a rebound in spending in the U.S. market.

Porsche, which is combining with Volkswagen AG, aims to double global sales to about 200,000 cars by 2018 by adding fashions such as a compact SUV and growing sales in emerging markets.

Sales of the Cayenne, Porsche's finest-promoting model, elevated 62 % to 11,487 vehicles in the first quarter. Last year, Porsche launched the third generation of the model.

Deliveries of the four-door Panamera fell 5.5 percent to 4,715, whereas demand for the 911 sports car declined 17 p.c to 4,750.

Porsche AG, the automobile-making unit, released first-quarter outcomes for the primary time after shifting to calendar-12 months reporting to align its operations with VW.

Porsche's fiscal year previously ended on July 31. Porsche SE, which offered 49.9 percent of the car-making enterprise to VW, raised 4.9 billion euros in a share providing earlier this month.

The share sale can be used to chop debt and facilitate the merger with VW. The 2 firms agreed to merge in 2009 after Porsche racked up more than 10 billion euros in debt in its failed effort to realize management of VW.

Porsche SE holds 51 percent of Volkswagen's voting shares. The merger, which was slated for the second half, will probably be delayed till subsequent year because of German authorized obstacles, including an investigation into share-worth manipulation allegations, Porsche mentioned in February.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2013 Dodge Viper testing is under method

Dodge boss Ralph Gilles made an fascinating comment at the Chicago auto show. Dressed in a black blazer and a “made in Detroit” T-shirt, he cracked, "My Dodge Viper is in coaching for the supercar Olympics. It is gone for a couple of years."

That is more than a glib comment. And Chrysler once more confirmed on Friday that the Viper will return late subsequent year. A press release said testing is below manner, “for the supercar Olympics,” and a 2010 chassis is getting used for growth purposes.

However purists might cringe at this nugget of news: Chrysler mentioned stability control can be used for the first time on the subsequent generation of the Viper.

The Viper went out of manufacturing last year after an 18-year run throughout which it was largely unchanged. Nevertheless it remained a favorite of fans with its racing-bred styling and 600-hp V10.

The following automotive is anticipated to include Italian aptitude with American chutzpah. Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne closed a supplier presentation last fall with the reveal of a concept Viper, which a number of sources told AutoWeek carried an Italian theme.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could strengthen Dezir Concept Renault

It is very likely that Renault's concept car midengine Dezir put into production, "said one senior insider of the company.

The Dezir at Motor Show 2010 Paris last fall revealed, was built exclusively for a new design direction at Renault after installing Laurens van den Acker new design chief signal.

The extracts Dezir the new face of Renault, and said also to define the appearance of the next generation Clio supemini, Despi the silhouettes of these cars are very different.

However, winning the great coverage Dezir himself invited Renault to seriously consider being built. No final decision has been taken, but a business case is being built as part of a strategy to capitalize on the success of Renault in the brand, which currently offers high-performance versions of the highly respected Twingo Clio and Megane sedan.

Brand Manager Renault Beatrice Foucher considers that the sub-brand is strong enough for "two or three unique models for complete selection of hot hatches that could be possible, the showroom linked Dezir first.

When it comes to production, which seem most likely Dezir a convertible instead of the concept car roof closed, which is probably a version of the engine 197 hp 2.0-liter Clio Renault Sport, with resulted in six - speed manual.

Details of the basic construction of the cars are not yet confirmed, but this concept was built around a tubular space frame steel clad with Kevlar on the outside, with a total weight of 1830 pounds of product when equipped with a drive of electric batteries.

There is no word on price, although the same, a top insider said, "it will not be cheap," spoke with a value of approximately $ 48,000.

Production will probably Dezir Renault factory in Dieppe in northern France, where the company last year in two places, the 1995 Renault Sport Spider, was also constructed to be assembled.

An electric version of the Dezir is a remote possibility - Fulcher said: "This is my dream can we sell EV sports car" - but it does not seem to be in the immediate plans of Renault, but the parent company Renault has launched a major initiative eV, from the introduction of no fewer than four models electric battery.

Porsche 911 buyers flock of rare location for 24 months

Porsche drives 24-month rent for his 911 and runs a lease for six months in advance creates an incentive for all of his sports car for a lack of compensating seats are used.

This year, 22 percent of all tenants of the 911 24-month contracts, rather than accepted the offers of 36 months, said Michael Bartsch, Managing Director of Porsche Cars North America. Compared to 10 percent before the increase.

Twenty-four months leases are rare. JD Power and Associates analyst Thomas King said, they made only 5 percent of the leases industry-wide in February.

Porsche tried to tackle a shortage of low-mileage cars struggle to come from leasing by its U.S. sales fell from 34 693 in 2007 to 25,320 years past.

To cut 24-month lease, Porsche 911, the monthly payment of around 10 percent to $ 1,263. This makes it competitive with the $ 1,118 payment on a lease of 36 months. Bartsch said Porsche may reduce the payments due to the improved residual values ​​and interest rates reduced.

"With demand for cars to rise and interest in the new 911 GT3 models and GTS was higher, the environment is right to bring people from leasing 36 months earlier and on shorter leases for comparable cost," said Bartsch.

Porsche said it focuses on the 911, because the owners are more likely for the 911 new derivatives trading, that the owners of Cayenne or cheap Boxster or Cayman.

911 Carrera Coupe starts at $ 78,750, while the range topping GT2 RS-911 priced at $ 245,950. All prices include shipping.

Porsche 841 911 during the first two months of 2011, sold less than the same period of 2010. Overall, sales rose by 33 percent for the first two months of this year 4419th

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chevrolet Camaro Renamed Bound for China's roads

BEIJING - The Chevrolet Camaro muscle car led the American attack on the Chinese auto market booming. GM said Tuesday that the Camaro will be sold in China after its introduction next month at the Auto Show Shanghai 2011.

"(It is) the first time we have introduced into China Camaro,"said T. Michael Albano, spokesperson for Chevrolet in response to a question by e-mail to Inside Line.

There are Mai Ke Luo called - so to say phonetic Camaro. GM describes the new name "resonance"which means "to grant or grandparents, " says the Oxford English Dictionary Encyclopedia. Babel Fish translation service on the Web offers no translation for May Ke Luo.

GM said in May Luo Ke can be equipped with the smaller 3.6-liter V6 engine. It will be priced at the equivalent of over $ 76,000. A 2011 Chevrolet Camaro LS starts with a 3.6-liter V6 to $ 23,530 in the U.S. with a load of 850 million destination.

GM said it will provide additional information on the Camaro launch in China on Auto Show Shanghai 2011.

Camaro decision on the Chinese market for market success of luxury sports cars in this country was founded, GM. Ferrari record sales in China in 2010.

Even with his American name, Camaro is already known in China. China Daily News recently noted, "is the day, maybe a Chevy Camaro or an Audi A6 from a Chinese designer almost as driving style?"

Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador is out of print for over a year

The slim, angular LP700-4 Lamborghini Aventador showgoers enthusiastic in Geneva, and it is impressive to potential buyers.

Lamborghini announced Wednesday it has received more than one year value of orders for which Aventador bumper $ 379,700 including tax for gas guzzlers, the United States. It is the second half of this year.

As if there were any doubt, is the successor to the Murcielago in high demand. "Interest in Aventador is unprecedented, " Lambo boss Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement.

The Aventador was named Best in Show at AutoWeek Geneva Motor Show.

The latest in a long line of great demons V12 Sant'Agata, seized the super sports car 700 horsepower and can reach 62 mph in 2.9 seconds. It employs four-wheel drive chassis and a lightweight carbon fiber in a surprisingly fresh style, the line design Lambo wound developed.

It was a busy week for the Super Car. The Porsche 918 Spyder was catchy to $ 845,000 price on Monday and with a limit of 911-unit model Turbo S option, which can be purchased with the Spyder, the cars could be hole over $ 1,000,000 in the portfolio of The fans burn.

The other stars of Geneva, FF Ferrari - a four-seat, all wheel drive sports car that follows the 612 Scaglietti - is sold for a year of production.

It's a lot of sports cars super cars in high demand. Maybe that's why they are considered collectibles.

Source : autoweek

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bugatti Veyron start in India, $ 3,600,000 Price

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Super Sport cars in India, by a tax on imports by 110 percent, with an increase in sales to about 160 million rupees (3 introduced undeterred, $ 6,000,000 ).

The company offers super car (mph 253) at speeds of up to 407kph six to eight months to get orders, Guy Caquelin, marketing director for Bugatti in the Middle East, Europe and India, said to journalists in New Delhi. He gave no sales forecasts.

Bugatti following Rolls-Royce and Tata Motors Ltd. Jaguar and Land Rover sales in India and in the early promotion of growth in the number of millionaires in the third Asian economy.

The Indian market for luxury products, including watches, clothing and cars could triple to $ 14700000000 in 2015, said AT Kearney GmbH and the Confederation of Indian Industry in a report this month.

"People have more purchasing power and are increasingly aware of the possession of beautiful things," says Satya Bagla, Director of Exclusive Motors Pvt., The Merchant of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bentley. "They are more willing to show their wealth."

Ferrari SpA, maker of the $ 228,000 supercar, California plans to sales growth in India starting next year, Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said on 30 September.

The 16.4 Veyron Grand Sport convertible features of the body parts carbon fiber, leather chairs and a quilted integrated backup camera in the rearview mirror.

Rich and poor

The combined net worth of India's 100 richest people reached a record level of 300 billion U.S. dollars this year, representing a quarter of gross domestic product of India, said selo Global Wealth Report released on 8th October.

Tata resale of the Nano, the cheapest car in the world, this Annn Forbes.

India is full twice in his life, nearly up to $ 6400000000000 in the next five years, economic growth swelled their ranks, Credit Suisse Group senior, after the orders after getting first open request. The cost of the vehicle 131 331 rupees.

The World Bank estimates 76 percent of India's population lives on less than $ 2 per day.

BMW 2010 profit surges on demand by 5-Series, Mini Countryman

BERLIN (Reuters) - BMW AG has improved a profit last year by more than 15 times of the new BMW 5 Series and the new Mini Countryman.

Net income rose last year more than 15 times to € 3,230,000,000 ($ 4,470,000,000) of € 210,000,000 a year earlier, the company headquartered in Munich, said today in an e-mail statement. The figure surpassed the average estimate of 13 2910000000 € analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Sales increased last year by 19 percent to € 60,500,000,000 in 2010.

BMW profit was enhanced by an increase of 36 percent of the demand for the revised 5 Series sedan in China and the United States. Compact X1 SUV more than 100,000 units sold in its first full year, while the farmer sold the Mini brand, the first four-door, 14 337 copies since it was introduced in September.

BMW has delivered a strong set of results, "said Jose Asumendi, a London-based analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland." Now we see BMW building off the results and use of the dynamic excellent product. "

The company posted a record dividend of 1.30 euros per ordinary share, more than triple the 30 cents paid last year.

Premium car manufacturers forecast a sales growth this year in the United States increased spending and growing prosperity in China, the first two automotive markets worldwide. Volkswagen AG, Audi has is to add extra shifts to meet demand, Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn said today in Wolfsburg.

Supply Records

BMW wants to shipments of more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2011, a record at the request of the second generation X3 SUV and 6 coupe.

BMW, whose shares rose by 79 percent over the last 12 months fell by 0.3 percent to € 57.99 in Frankfurt trading after 11:48, the assessment of the manufacturer's 36.9 billion euros.

The automotive electronics business in 2010 profit before interest and tax was 8 percent of revenue last year compared to 8.7 percent of Daimler AG Mercedes-Bnez unit and 9.4 percent for Volkswagen Audi. The company focuses on an EBIT margin of between 8 and 10 percent in 2012.

BMW shed almost 800 jobs last year in early retirement, buyouts and attrition, the company said. BMW has almost 95 500 people.

The manufacturer of BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce expands its range of vehicles up to a sales target of more than 2 million cars and SUVs in 2020.

The automaker has the "i" sub-brand of electric cars from 2013, known with the introduction of models with i3, a city car batteries, the vehicle ahead of Mega City. The company also plans to i8, a plug-in hybrid based on the super sports car concept Vision EfficientDynamics.

BMW is also growing in transportation and related services to experiment with short-term rentals, as iPhone to consumers more interested in devices like Apple's will appeal than cars. The company began investing 100 million in the venture and the City My Way Smartphone application.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

VW bring to Europe for the first, increase in car sales in 11 months

New car registrations in Europe rose for the first time in 11 months as consumer demand in Germany and France operated sales from manufacturers such as Volkswagen AG and General Motors Co. Opel unit.

Advanced applications in the region to 1.01 million vehicles in February by 1.4 percent over the previous year, said today the European Automobile Manufacturers Association said in a statement.

Volkswagen group sales rose 9.1 percent, while Detroit, GM sold 8.3 percent more vehicles. Fiat SpA, Ford Motor Co. and PSA / Peugeot-Citroen SA lost everything in sales over the same month in 2010, the statement said.

Demand in Germany and France, the two largest markets in the European Union grew by 15 percent and 13 percent. New registrations fell by 21 percent in Italy, 28 percent in Spain and 7.7 percent in Britain, said the federation based in Brussels.

Fiat, Renault SA, PSA and VW are among the automakers, who have since Advertise customers with lower prices, cheaper or free financing options such as government incentives for economic recovery.

Government support has seen the European Community to prevent plant closures on a scale in the U.S., so the industry with excess capacity in the region. Volkswagen, the biggest European car maker sold 226 126 units a market share of 22 percent, including Audi, Skoda and Seat brands. The automaker wants to overtake Toyota Motor Corp. as the world number one in 2018.

Renault expands its sales

Renault, the automaker plans to sell their vehicles online Dacia, rose 3.1 percent to 113,342 vehicles. Másbjetivo peers again this year without restructuring costs, earnings jumped 8.9 percent% 2 great French PSA sold 141 894 vehicles, down 5 percent from the previous year. Fiat saw shipments decline by 17 percent to 76 808, including Lancia and Alfa Romeo.

Opel, the GM brand, with 72,542 cars sold oC, while Chevrolet records also increased. Ford is still covered market shares as records fell 12 percent to 73 133 vehicles.

Stephen Odell, Ford of Europe chief confirmed last month that the company also sells cars at a profit to gain market share preferred. Luxury car manufacturers like Audi, BMW AG and Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz cars that have no benefit, both on incentives for smaller and more fuel-efficient cars that target global distribution with the target record this year how.

European approval of Audi increased 15 percent last month, with the exception of BMW Mini 13 percent and Mercedes-Benz has a 3.3 per cent. Industry sales across the region fell to 13.8 million vehicles in 2010 from 16 million in 2007, last year won the supplies according to reports from the automaker or association ACEA.

Headwinds for manufacturers this year include the increase in steel prices, the chairman of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, said on 1 March at the Geneva Motor Show. An increase in the cost of oil may push buyers to more fuel-efficient cars to move, BMW chief Norbert Reithofer said a day earlier.

Sunday, January 2, 2011



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