Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lotus Exige Scura Limited Edition

This is the limited edition Lotus Exige Scura, also known as the “Stealth Edition” in Japan , that will soon go on sale in the UK . Shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Scura is a modified Exige S, with 260bhp squeezed from its supercharged engine due to a revised ECU.
The Exige S in standard form has 220bhp while the performance pack offers 240bhp. Listed as standard on the track day special are the following: launch control, Ohlins 2-way adjustable dampers, and variable slip traction control. You may be wondering about the “Stealth” name. Special matt “Phantom Black” paint gives the Stealth its name. The weight is reduced by 10kg because carbonfiber was used on some components including sports seats, centre consol, oil cooler inlet valves and front splitter. High gloss “Phantom Black” triple stripes run the length of the car. The Scura will reach 60mph in 4sec, 100mph in 9.9sec and a top speed of 152mph. If buyers order books immediately after this week’s Tokyo motor show, the car will be priced £45,000 in the UK .


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